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Gents, this post is important so read carefully !

As many of you know by now I have spent the last couple of years gathering as much information as I have been able regarding our MLB pension benefit plan, the different Classes, whether we are vested or not, and especially trying to disseminate whether we, as retired MLB players are actually represented equally before, after or during the CBA negotiation process.

When we were all hearing the cheers and wearing that uniform proudly we knew we had representation, that being the MLBPA. When the cheering stopped and we all looked in the rear view mirror at our careers whether long or short, 2 things come to most of our minds; where did it go so quickly, and "it is, what it is" regarding representation. Well, regarding the time flying by, we all know thats exactly what happens and there is not much we can do about it other then enjoy the ride. What's left is our representation, and our "it is, what it is" mentality. It is, "exactly what it is", because that's what we have allowed. We just keep thinking that in all the years that we will spend in retirement, maybe they will take care of us. Well boys, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but don't hold your breath ! As we are all aware, most of us spend many more years in retirement than we spent in uniform, which makes "It is, What It is" that much more important. We need to STOP thinking that there is nothing that we can do about it. There is, strength in number's, as we all know because of the strength of the MLBPA.

So, with all of that said, and after talking to hundreds of you out there, it's time to put a little pressure on the powers to be. A few of us can't do it, it's going to take 100's and even thousand's of us for MLB and the MLBPA to even recognize us. I'm not talking about law-suits here, I'm talking about forming an alumni group that will serve notice to MLB and the MLBPA that we are united and want to be recognized and accounted for.

I've already secured a domain name (MLBAlum) Major League Baseball Alumni Players Group, I've hired an Actuarial and Employee Benefits Consulting Company and I've written a $2500 retainer check (refundable if we decide not to go forward). The consultants will go over all aspects of our benefit plan and report differences and comparatives. The benefit cap in 1992 was $112,221, this year it's $245,000, increased $30,000 from the 2017 CBA, (for active players).

Did Class IV retired players receive an increase related to this last CPA? NO, you did not ! WHY? Please do not mistake the yearly adjustable increase/decrease as a negotiable CBA item, it is not. So all of you player's out there who made your way through the 94-95 player strike and are now retired and drawing a pension, you received NO increase, but todays active players received a $30,000.00 increase. WHY? Every class except IV received a minimal increase, 10% of the fixed. For Class 8 upper, that was the 1st time that group received any increase at all, while other groups were receiving as much as a 25% fixed increase. WHY? Did all of you know that Class IV widows benefits are at 100% while Class VIII widows received 50%, not counting the modest 5% increase that came with this last CBA that has yet to be ratified. Simple math guys, if a Class IV guy dies and his check is $5K a month, his widow will continue to receive $5K. If your a Class VIII guy, that widow receives $2500 per month. Why wasn't Class VIII widow's benefits increased along the way? WHY? If your 1 of the 500 or so pre-1980 non-vested guys left, your wife gets nothing, we've all heard about that injustice! Another very important thing to start thinking about is Class X, yes 10, it's coming and when it does, what does that mean for you?

I know a lot of you have questions and they will all be answered, but for now we have to get started. "It is, what it is" is not good enough anymore and I don't have to tell you that our retirement years are going by just as quickly as our playing days.

I ask you all to reach out to a former player that you know that isn't a member of MLBAlum and ask them to join (must have in season service time) and then I ask you all in turn to join MLBAlum (Major League Baseball Alumni Players Group). A minimal membership fee of $35 is asked to cover costs of the Actuarial Consulting Services and logo design to get started. All membership fees received will not be touched until we know for sure that we have enough to cover the cost of the Pension Benefit Consultants (estimated at $15,000) which will give us the fire power we need to be recognized. Please Venmo your $35 to @MLBAlum today. We need numbers from every Class so reach out to your friends and peers......Remember, this group is private and any comments from anyone in this group stays within this group, so feel free to vent and ask questions!

Oh, almost forgot. Did all of you know that the MLBPBP (benefit plan) has an actuarial services company that works for the plan and has for many years? The reason this information has become know is that back in November of 2021 Horizon Actuarial Services, LLC had a substantial breach of it's servers and the group who claimed responsibility to have stolen copies of personal information from some of Horizon's clients were paid off. A Notice of Data Breach letter was sent out more than 4 months later and NO one from our benefit plan office or MLBPA notified any of us. (At least to my knowledge) Think about that, this is the plan that has ALL of our SSI numbers, personal information, medical information of all our family members and not ONE person reached out to acknowledge this breach. I have had a report of at least 1 former players banking information being compromised due to this breach.

Reach out to your friends and Venmo your $35 today to @MLBAlum

Let's Unite

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